Monday, April 10, 2017

The Imperfect Housekeeper:

As I sit here writing this I am looking into my kitchen.  Across the room I see the blue dishes stacked in the cabinet,- the door open. In my mind I can hear the sound of my husband's footsteps as he walks in the door from work.  "Hi everyone." He will go straight into the kitchen to wash his hands before planting a kiss on each of his girls. He will undoubtedly state to the non specified culprit, "Shut the cabinets!" We all know he is talking to me, because I am THAT person. I left that cabinet open when I saw the time and wanted to start writing this post.

I am that person who when vacuuming  pushes things out of the way with the vacuum head often sending them under the couch or bed.  I am the person who makes the cake then lets the bowl soak. I fold mountains of laundry only to have the baskets accumulate and eventually unfold as I frantically search for two matching XL seamless knee socks for my daughter. I am the person that leaves the water bottle on the night table until my little collection becomes an inconvenience and I have no room for my phone and next bottle. I am the person that hasn't cut the tag off the Easter decoration even though its sitting adorning the window sill at this moment.

These types of little things don't bother me.  They do not send me into fits of eye rolling sighs like I know they do to others. My vast list of obligations and commitments does not include these things and others that fall in the same insignificant category.  It is not that I am thoughtless to minor details.  I would re-staple the papers on a bulletin board or re-braid my daughters hair until both are perfectly straight.  I am also not thoughtless to the frustration I cause others, or even myself. 

Most of the time when I do things like this it is that life happens around me and I get pulled in a different direction.

As I sit here writing, just opposite of that open kitchen cabinet is my youngest who is supposed to be putting her XL seamless socks on as well as her shoes. She has one on her hand like a puppet and the shoes have somehow found there way into the open crayon drawer.  She's laying on her stomach drawing with that puppet hand.
Life got in her way - seems like she has her priorities straight. 

Thursday, March 30, 2017

The Imperfect Blogger


     This blog is all about the imperfect teacher, mom, wife, daughter, sister, runner, writer, dieter, comedian, blogger,  person that I am. It's about how I strive to change that imperfection and what I hope to achieve.

The Imperfect Blogger:

     Writing a blog is not as easy as it looks-  I thought I would sit down and the prophetic waterfall of beautifully stranded words would flow onto my keyboard that would inspire you  Instead I was blank other than a list of  lot of questions that came through my mind. Can I curse in a blog? How can I not curse in a blog?  Should I share things about my children?  Do I have enough to say? Who cares what I think? How much should I admit about my imperfections.  I'm fairly sure everyone knows that I'm not perfect, but there may be a few stragglers whom I've fooled these past 45 years.   I don't want  to let anyone down including those reading this.

     So this leads me to writing this post. I am not a technology person.  The morning this began I barely knew what a blog was.  I was involved in a follow up from a learning walk with my teaching colleagues. Of course we strayed from our original topic to discuss all that I don't know about technology.  During this tangent I tweeted, hash-tagged, listened to a TED talk, and set up this blog. A good friend used her gentle, kindergarten teaching voice to guide me through the process.  Through her, my understanding became that blogging is a journey.  You travel through your life experiences and pack up the ones you want shared for others to unpack.  There was much laughter in the room that day.  That is what happens when teachers are away from students and become overwhelmed with ideas and coffee.  My question as to whether the gentleman giving the TED talk was in fact Ted, and if he 's not Ted then who the hell is Ted was apparently amusing enough to have a general roar ensue among our small crowd.  There are parts of me that feel pride at my lack of technological prowess. I am still the person that goes into the bookstore to flip through actual paper pages before making my purchase.  I'm the teacher that would use the chart paper at times before the Smartboard, but I'm gaining a new respect for all that the latter has to offer.  So, if when I am imperfectly blogging and you wished I would have posted a picture or added a link- be patient with me and at the very least  I will try. Like everything else in my life I am learning and I am a work in progress- therefore, I am the imperfect blogger.


The Imperfect Housekeeper: As I sit here writing this I am looking into my kitchen.  Across the room I see the blue dishes stacked in the ...